Nguyen Minh Trang and Le Hai Anh
The fashion industry stands as one of the largest and oldest sectors worldwide, boasting a rich history and significant influence on global trends and consumer behavior. However, its exponential growth has led to environmental degradation and social inequalities, prompting a paradigm shift towards sustainable practices. Vietnam, a rapidly emerging market in Southeast Asia, reflects this global trend, with its youthful population and increasing consumer demand. This paper investigates Vietnamese consumer behavior towards sustainable fashion through a survey of more than 200 participants aged 18-45. In recent years, sustainable fashion has gained prominence globally, prompting increased attention to environmental and ethical considerations within the fashion industry. With Vietnam experiencing rapid economic growth and societal changes, understanding consumer attitudes towards sustainable fashion is crucial. By focusing on adults, this study aims to uncover insights into their perceptions, motivations, and purchasing behaviors related to sustainable fashion. The survey utilized a structured questionnaire to collect data on awareness levels, brand preferences, and engagement with eco-friendly practices. Our analysis of the survey findings reveals key drivers and barriers influencing Vietnamese consumers’ decision-making processes regarding sustainable fashion. By elucidating these factors, our research contributes to the understanding of sustainable consumption patterns in emerging economies like Vietnam.
Keywords: Vietnamese consumers, behavior, sustainable fashion.
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