Rinaldo C. Michelini Di San Martino
The study describes the human civilization as a by-product of political and technical inventions: these appear manmade acts, switched by a collective breakthrough so by technology revolutions, which alter the original wilderness, to conscious civic life quality. On the earth, the progress trims the galactic environs, based on communal organizations and aware enhancement of current and future wellness. The political and technical devices act as human intelligence contingent results, built on the developed knowledge, invention of local ensembles of watchers/actors. They can be, perhaps, total issues of cosmic rationality or heavenly wisdom, believable inner/upper causes, already present as galactic information of the reality and widening the ‹knowledge› trails to total alternatives. Then, the cognition trails are common to men and robots, synthetic hands/minds running political deployments, and technology innovations. The broadening is a critical opportunity at the globalism breakthrough, with the impending ecology constraints, due to the over-depletion and over-pollution of the earth: manmade and synthetic ways are equivalent when aimed at wellness and progress or sustainability and rescue. The ecologic safety may also ensue from robotic aids, using intrinsic or absolute ‹knowledge›, via galactic inputs, maybe, without men-aware cooperation.
Keywords: Civilization Awareness – Cognition and Communication-Human Intelligence. Cosmic Rationality/Heavenly Wisdom – Robot Technology – Artificial Energy/Intelligence and Synthetic Hands/Minds.
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