Ariunaa Dashtseren
In Mongolia, secondary school teachers engage in variety of activities, and work over time. This research aims at understanding teacher’s workload in Mongolia. In the survey, the convenient sampling was adopted and covered 82 teachers. The SCAT method was used for analysis of open-ended questions. This research found that, among others, teachers are more likely to engage in administrative, sport and cultural activities during the working hours, and they are more likely to engage in the preparation for the class when working hour is over. More importantly, none teacher mentioned three activities: prepare homework/assignment materials for students, formative assessment and personal development activities. These suggest that the major academic and non-academic aspects are likely to be abandoning in the secondary schools in Mongolia, and teachers do not use their time efficiently. Therefore, our research suggests that it is very important to conduct teacher study observing teacher’s activities, and find out unnecessary activities.
Keywords: Teacher’s workload, teacher’s activities, child development, personal development, secondary school, Mongolia.
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