Ly Huy Tuan, Nguyen Manh Hung and Hoang Thi Hong Le
At the beginning, the paper states the need for research: up to now, sustainable development of transport has always played an important role in the national economy because transport contributes to production, export, import, distribution and circulation of goods; meet mobility needs; freight and passenger transport services. Next, the paper summarizes the methodology, research methods and analysis on sustainable development of the whole sector, according to the sub-sectors of transport in the world and in Vietnam. The paper also introduces the main results of sustainable development research with the following contents: analysis and evaluation of criteria and norms of the whole sector, 5 sub-sectors and 3 transport fields, which have been carried out since so far, according to aspects, specific criteria, and norms selected and proposed by the authors. The paper also introduces some concepts; analyzes and evaluates through a systematic approach and analyzes, synthesizes and compares; mentioned two elements of the SWOT matrix as opportunities and challenges, difficulties of sustainable transport development in Vietnam. At the end, the paper proposes some solutions on specific criteria, system of norms and coordination, integration of sustainable development of the entire transport sector, according to sub-sectors and fields: transport infrastructure; transport services and transport industry; propose a number of solutions to serve the transport sustainable development and turn Vietnam into an industrialized country towards modernity by 2030 and the next years.
Keywords: Sustainable development, according to criteria 3P, sustainable development of transport under3Pcriteria.
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